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Embedding Google Maps

Getting the correct directions to a particular address is of high importance in our busy modern lifestyle. Google Maps gives you the advantage of instantly providing key information regarding addresses and other essential details which could be required to reach one’s destination with ease.

Time has become one of the most important and valuable aspects of modern life and therefore, spending this precious and valuable time trying to find a particular address does not make sense. Therefore, Google Maps has taken the idea of Where 2 Technologies, a company started by brothers Jens and Lars Rasmussen, which provided mapping software, and has merged it with Google Services.

By adding the Google Maps application to a website, any business, be it small, medium or a multinational giant, will be able to attract more attention and generate revenue. Especially for the hospitality industry it is essential to opt for Google Maps so that customers are able to find the establishment easily and without any hassle. For individuals travelling to a new destination, be it for work or for vacation, it is important to find a proper place of accommodation or a restaurant. By embedding Google Maps to the website, any business dealing in the hospitality industry will surely gain the edge.

How do I embed the Google Map Code into my Website

It is quite simple and straightforward to embed Google Maps into a website. Just a few steps ensure that you are able to enjoy the host of Google Map benefits right in your website. While integrating the Google Map API might involve significant amount of coding, our website offers a simpler alternative.

All you need to do is provide the address of the location you wish to add to your website and choose details regarding the zoom of the map, the size of the map and finally the style of map. Once you make these choices, you simply need to click on the button on the page and the JavaScript code will be available to you.

So you needn’t hire a dedicated programmer, who would help you with the integration of complex Google Map API codes into your business website.

Embedding Google Maps without Programming Skills

There might be a concern by certain individuals about the Google Maps code. However, as mentioned above, integrating Google Map onto your website could be a relatively easy task with our unique Java Script. All the user needs to do is simply copy paste the Java Script code available on our website. Just choose the type of Google Map – Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid and Terrain, choose the zooming level and generate the Java Script. That’s all!!Isn’t that surprisingly easy?

The whole Service of Google Maps and Google Earth

Google Maps offer a variety of services to the users and is not just ordinary mapping software.

  • Navigation Turn by Turn: A unique Navigation option is present through Google Maps allowing users to navigate turn by turn. This is one of the most useful features offered to the user apart from finding a place on the map.
  • Getting a Street Level View: Finding out more about a neighborhood is provided through the street level views. This is not only convenient for tourists but it also helps people to find out more if they are planning to move into a particular neighborhood.
  • Different Types of Navigation Direction: There are always different types of navigation based on the transportation mode opted by an individual.
  • Finding where you are: To find a particular store, retail, restaurant in close proximity you first need to know where you currently are. Therefore, getting your present location on the map is a great benefit.

Although ideally many believe that Google Maps and Google Earth are quite similar, the functionalities of these two applications are quite different and their uses are for different purposes. Google Maps is essentially for navigating, routing and getting from one place to the other. Google Earth is more for exploring a particular area. The 3D rendering provided by Google Earth and the information about a particular building or its statistics offers you a detailed explanation about the area.

Checking the Reviews on Google Maps

If you are travelling to a new location then you would obviously want to find a nice hotel and to check out the most popular sights, destinations, restaurants. Google Map empowers to take informed decisions through reviewing and comparing the user feedback comments present at nearly every pin on the map.

The best part is that you too can add your personalized review about a particular establishment if you wish to ensure others to know about your experience about that establishment.

Get detailed driving directions

Previously using a navigation system that offered turn-by-turn direction to a particular destination was not free and was rather expensive. Moreover, getting real time data was not possible, traffic diversion or closed road signs were not updated. With the help of Google Maps you will be able to navigate to your destination 100% free of cost and above that with real time data.

Why everybody should offer a Map on his website

The importance of offering a map on a website has increased over the years. From restaurants to hotels to real estate developers or any other business which requires real life customer interaction, it is important to provide Google Map embedded on their website. Once the customer is able to see this map, they will be able to navigate to the destination. © 2024 - The Service of is Free To Use - English - Contact - About Us